The marathon meeting of the National Foreign Policy Council is completed

Katrougalos: “We have no reason to invest in a rhetoric of escalation against Turkey”


The Greek National Foreign Policy Council (ESEP) convened for over three hours at the Foreign Ministry under the Deputy Foreign Minister, George Katrougalos.

During the ESEP meeting, the Deputy Foreign Minister provided the party representatives with thorough and in-depth information on critical foreign policy issues, such as the Cyprus issue, the Greek-Turkish relations and the troubled relations with Albania followed by an exchange of views.

The work of the Council started a few minutes after 11.00 and was completed after two noon.

“We have no reason to invest in escalating the vocal rhetoric. The opposing side is in the mood for revisionism and they need the Turkish provocations”, stated Mr. Katrougalos.

The Deputy Foreign Minister noted that the Greek side “with vigilance and sobriety confirms that our national rights are secured”, while referring to the general recognition of our country as a factor of stability in the region.