The Most Expensive Mac Pro Costs Nearly $53,000 (infographic)

It costs as much as a luxury sedan

Apple raised numerous eyebrows back in June when it unveiled a monitor stand costing $999. An accessory to the $5,999 6K Pro Display XDR and the high-end Mac Pro workstation which has just gone on sale, the stand prompted ridicule and revulsion for its cost. It was also an ominous sign of things to come and the Mac Pro is an expensive machine with a $5,999 starting price. Its highest specification costs around $53,000, as much as a luxury sedan. Some professional users won’t mind the price tag and will prove more than happy to fork over big money in exchange for the PC’s awesome specs. Ordinary users will find the top of the range version much harder to stomach given that its cost is equivalent to a large portion of a mortgage.

The new machine represents Apple’s first desktop update in six years and it is being built in Austin, Texas, after the Trump administration gave the company tariff release. The addition of certain components sends the price of the Mac Pro skyrocketing upwards. For example, the most expensive processor costs an extra $7,000 while the priciest graphic card option would set a buyer back a further $10,800. RAM is where things really get interesting. The base version comes with 32GB of DDR4 ECC RAM and customers intent on getting their hands on the beast-like 1.5TB option will have to pay an eye-watering $25,000. Installing wheels on the PC to move it around the office will cost $400 more, meaning the total bill works out at $52,748. At least the wheels will get buyers a little bit closer to that luxury sedan.

source statista

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