The most expensive tattoos! (photos)

The top one is insanely expensive

So are you in the market for some new ink? But also want people to know you’re ballin’? Then you may wanna check out the most expensive tattoo artists around. They’ve inked up the stars, and if you’ve got the cheddar, you could be next.

Yair Shimansky

You’re looking at the actual, literal, most expensive tattoo in the world. Coming from jewlery designer Yair Shimansky, it is, indeed, made of 612 half-carat diamonds. If you want something like this for yourself, it’ll cost you around $924,000.

Stephanie Tamez

Based in Brooklyn, Stephanie Tamez is a renowned artist who is a co-owner her own studio, Saved Tattoo. You’ll pay around $300 an hour for her services, which often involve playing with typefaces and inked fonts.

Scott Campbell

Want a tat from superstar designer Scott Campbell, who’s made ink for folks like Heath Ledger and Marc Jacobs? You’ll have to wait awhile, as he currently has a three-month waitlist. For the first hour, it’s $1,000. But don’t worry; it’s only $200 per hour after that.

Paul Booth

Paul Booth is the rock-and-roller’s tattoo artist of choice. He’s made gnarly pieces for members of Pantera, Slipknot and Slayer. And if you’re willing to wait on his two-year-long waitlist, he charges $300 an hour. But he has a strict “no-face” policy, so heads up.

Oliver Peck

You may know Oliver Peck as the judge on reality show Ink Master. He also holds a Guinness World Record after completing 415 tattoos in 24 hours. If you want a work from him, in either his Texas or California shops, he charges $100 an hour.