The new (business activities) E3 tax form for 2018 (find it here)

Citizens will lodge the form with the E1 and N forms

The Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE) has released the new tax form called E3, regarding income from business activities relayer than expected.
In an effort to combat belated tax statement lodgings by citizens and speed up the whole tax collection process, AADE released the relevant form and published it in the Government Gazette.
As stated in the relevant decision by the AADE Director, the E3 is lodged along with the timely and overdue regular and additional tax forms: E1 (Declaration of Income Tax for Individuals) and “N” Taxation of Income of Legal persons and Legal Entities) obligatorily by the use of an electronic method or in handwritten form at the relevant Tax Office.

Find the new E3 tax form here