The number of trees per person on the planet! (infographic)

Incredible infographic

Trees are an essential part of our life. Trees create an ecosystem to provide habitat and food for birds and other animals. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and potentially harmful gasses, such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, from the air and release oxygen. One large tree can supply a day’s supply of oxygen for four people. But have you ever wondered how many trees correspond to every one of the humans on earth?

There are over 7.5 billion, currently living on the planet. Unsurprisingly, there are more trees than there are humans, but it can be hard to grasp just how big the Earth is and how many trees it supports. This graphic, based on the results of a paper published in Nature, tries to put it in perspective. Basically speaking, there are around 3 trillion trees, or 400 trees for every one of Earth’s 7.5 billion humans: