The path of the truck in Berlin attack! (VIDEO)

The suspect had visited a mosque after the attack

A shocking video has surfaced showing the actual moment of last Monday’s Berlin attack, where 12 people were killed and 56 more were injured.

The video was made public by Bild it shows the truck hitting the market and the first moments of panic right afterwords.


Also the German TV network RBB released photos of the suspect Anis Amri outside of a mosque, just a few hours after the attack. According to sources, Amri had visited the mosque on two different days that week before his terrorist act.


As time passes by, more information surface on Amri. It turns out that while being in prison in Italy, he had threatened to decapitate another christian detainee. The reason was that the christian prison mate didn’t want to listen to Amri’s persistent exhortations to convert to Islam.


Amri was served time in Italy from 2011 to 2015 for burning down part of the refugee camp in Lampedousa and taking part in riots in the Sicily prison.