The prerequisites for the conclusion of the third program review to be submitted in Parliament

The political conclusion will be voted upon during the Eurogroup Summit on 22 January


The government is stepping up its preparations ahead of the submission of the draft bill containing all the prerequisite measures, whose approval will mark the official conclusion of the third program review. The political conclusion, if all goes well, will be voted upon during the Eurogroup Summit on 22 January.

The Prime Minister is closely following all economic developments, as well as all developments surrounding the name issue with neighbouring FYROM, as negotiations under the auspices of the UN are underway. Foreign Minister, Nikos Kotzias, has stated that during the first cabinet meeting for 2018, he will personally update the government members on the negotiations, currently at a primary stage, and on the will to find a solution on the issue.

Similarly, PM Alexis Tsipras believes that 2018 might be the year that name issue will see a happy ending.

The new year kicks off with government having high expectations starting from August 2018. The Prime Minister insists as every opportunity that a “clean exit” from the third program is possible, provided that the country will create all the necessary conditions for market lending. However, Alexis Tsipras is already looking towards the next day, after all is said and done, considering that it is his government’s duty to continue implementing a reform program and to restore all injustices that concern either restoring collective negotiations or the raise of minimum wage.

Next week marks the start of the official visits with Alexis Tsipras traveling to Nicosia for the Trilateral Summit between Greece-Cyprus-Israel. Two days later, he will be in Rome for the 4th EU South Summit, to which seven countries and their leaders participate.

On 21 January Alexis Tsipras will attend the Davos World Economic Forum, an important trip, as this event defines all future economic developments.

Source: Voula Kechagia/