The sexiest German police officer faces a dilemma (photos)

Should Adrienne leave the force or follow a career on social media

Adrienne Koleszár, who two years ago emerged as the hottest police officer in Germany has found hereof in quite the dilemma.

Sexy Adrienne, apart from enforcing the law in the city of Dresden is also active on social media, with 587,000 followers on Instagram, which has opened up opportunities for her to cash in on her fame by striking deals with companies and promoting brands.
However, her supervisors at the police headquarters recently made it clear that she would have to choose between her social media work or law enforcement.
The beauty had taken a six-month unpaid leave from her law enforcement duties, which ends on Monday. She is now called on to make up her mind about her future.
Last week she was summoned by her superiors and informed that her hiatus ended on 1/1/2019, and therefore had to either return to her post or choose to pursue a career as an influencer and abandoned her uniform.