The sexiest soldier ever? (photos)

Bombshell from Minnesota went viral when her bikini and modelling pictures started trending online

Sex bomb and ex-marine Shannon Ihrke has marked the new year with all guns blazing in a modelling mission that’s sure to impress her army of followers.
The Instagram star Shannon Ihrke, 29, from Minnesota, went viral when her bikini and modelling pictures started trending online.

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The gorgeous blonde joined the military at the tender age of 19 and served on active duty for four years but has since formed a career as a full-time model which has seen her inundated with marriage proposals.

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Juxtaposed against pictures of her in uniform, she represents the hidden strengths other Instagram models who looked good in bikinis might sometimes hide.
Speaking about her latest shoots, Shannon says: “I love getting my hair and makeup done.

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“What girls doesn’t want to be pampered once in a while?
“Doing shoots like these give me an opportunity to let another side of me come out.”
When asked about the attention she is getting online due to her newfound fame she tells us “You get those guys who will offer you money for their own “private photos” or marriage proposals but I just ignore them and sometimes just laugh them off.
“I model because it’s something I love to do, it’s not to get money or marriage proposals from men.

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