The suspicious death of pedophile ring whistleblower Natacha Jaitt

Mere months after her statements she was found dead of a suspected “overdose”

After actress Natacha Jaitt accused prominent media members and political figures in Argentina of involvement in a child sex ring, she tweeted out an ominous message to the world.

In April 2018, she stated on her Twitter page that she had no intentions of killing herself, and that her untimely death should be extremely suspect if it should occur.

Less than a year after she posted that message, the 41-year-old’s dead body was found naked in a bed following a party on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

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Her death was originally suspected to be a drug overdose, especially since there was cocaine residue in her nose. Also, her autopsy showed multiple organ failure with no signs of violence.

However, her prescient tweet was a sign to family and friends that the official story was suspicious. And so the theory that she was murdered for exposing the country’s powerful and corrupt rapidly gained traction. Here’s what happened.

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