The "unknown side " of the Beatles

Seven unknown details of the “Beatles” life – they were planning to build a utopian society in a Greek island – John Lennon was drunk when he first met Paul McCartney

1. The concerts of the legendary “Beatles” were smelling of urine

The son of a cinema owner were the Beatles had played live John B.Lynn, claimed to Washington Post that the admirers of the Beatles could not restrain their admiration … and as a result the spaces of the concerts was smelling of urine. He characteristically stated that: ‘The cliché that you couldn’t hear anything but people’s screams during a concert is true. I remember the “furrows” that had formed on the floor of girls urine, so, I associate the Beatles …with the smell of urine “.


2. During George Harisson’s first sexual contact the rest of the “Beetles” were watching

Mark Lewisohn had noted to the album “The best of the Beatles» the following words of George Harrison: «My first time of sexual contact was in Hamburg, and Paul, John and Pete Best were watching … in reality they couldn’t see anything because we were in bunk beds and i was under the covers. But at the end they applauded. At least they stayed quiet for the entire time I was having sex ‘.


3. They decided to brake up the band while they were in Disneyland

In the book «Instamatic Karma», the former girlfriend of John Lennon, May Pang, recalls the moment when Lennon decided to leave the band. ” He took his pen and erased his name at the bottom of the contract. By doing so he ended the greatest band of all times, “wrote Pang.


4. They were planning to build a utopian society in a Greek island

In 1967, the Beatles had bought an island near Athens, where they intended to build their own utopian community along with their friends and family. John Lennon reportedly said: “They have tried everything. Wars, fascism, communism, capitalism, nationalism, capitalism, nothing works. Why not try this? ”


5. Secretly threw a dentist in the drug LSD Beatles

A inquisitive dentist John Riley, as described by George Harrison had ‘recommended’ to him and John Lennon the drug LSD. While out Riley had put the drug secretly in their coffees. In «The Beatles Anthology» Harrison remembers the event: “The first time I took LSD was an accident. It happened in 1965, between recording and touring. We were innocent victims of a strange dentist who we had met at a dinner. ”


6. John Lennon was drunk when he first met Paul McCartney

On the 6th of July in 1957, Paul McCartney met for the first time John Lennon. In later years he spoke about this fateful encounter: “At the festival of Woolton village i met him for the first time. I was a fat boy and he leaned over my shoulder. I understood that he was drunk. ”

7. Vatican proclaimed the album «Revolver» as the best pop album of all times

In 2010 the album «Revolver» was proclaimed as the best pop album of all times at the official newspaper of the Vatican.

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