The world’s plants are going extinct about 500 times faster than they should!

The team found that roughly half of all reported plant extinctions occurred on isolated islands


If you’re the sort of person who just can’t keep a plant alive, you’re not alone — according to a new study published June 10 in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution, the entire planet seems to be suffering from a similar affliction.

After analyzing the populations of more than 330,000 seed-bearing plants around the world, the study authors found that about three plant species have gone extinct on Earth every year since 1900 — a rate that’s roughly 500 times higher than the natural extinction rate for those types of plants, which include most trees, flowers and fruit-bearing plants. Unsurprisingly, human activity plays a key role in this elevated extinction trend.

“The geographical pattern of modern extinction of plants is strikingly similar to that for animals,” the researchers wrote in their new study.

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