Theresa May set to face no confidence vote, as Tory MPs reach 48 letters

The DUP could also withdraw its support of May does not step down

The 48 letters from Conservative lawmakers required to trigger a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Theresa May have been submitted, the editor of BrexitCentral said on Friday, citing a single source who he said was always previously reliable.

Embattled Theresa May, who saw four top Ministers resign over the Brexit deal during a cabinet meeting, will face a motion of no confidence in the British parliament, as members of the Conservative Party are expected to table the necessary number of letters to launch the process of challenging her leadership, as international media outlets confirm.
The MP appeared determined to see the deal through, saying she would not step down.

Theresa May on Friday rejected a suggestion that she was a modern-day Neville Chamberlain, the British leader mocked for claiming he had secured peace with Germany’s Adolf Hitler a year before World War Two broke out.

Some lawmakers in May’s Conservative Party argue that her draft divorce deal with the European Union is a capitulation to the bloc which will leave Britain subject to its rules indefinitely after the country leaves in March 2019.

Meanwhile, as Dailymail reports, the DUP could withdraw its support to the Tories unless Theresa May is ousted as the party leader.

The party wields an enormous amount of power as its 10 MPs have agreed to support the Conservative Government in a confidence agreement.

But they are seething at the Brexit deal – accusing the PM of having ‘sold out’ Northern Ireland and breaking her own promises.

And they are reportedly ready to kill of the deal unless the Tories ditch Mrs May as leader, with a source telling The Daily Telegraph the deal ‘depended on who the leader of the Conservative Party is’.

The claim was fiercely denied by Mrs May this morning as she appeared on a live radio phone in on LBC as part of a PR bitz to drum up support for her deal.