These are the designated hospitals to report to for possible coronavirus symptoms

All hospitals are equipped with the necessary tools

The Hellenic National Public Health Organization (EODY) has issued a list of hospitals for people to report to in the event of possible symptoms of the coronavirus. The hospitals are equipped with all the needed material and tools to deal with the infections, and are the following:

Indeed, specialist hospitals are all-inclusive and are defined as ‘reference hospitals’, which are:

1st Public Healthcare Office (PHCO): Main: General Hospital of Athens Thoracic Surgery “The Salvation”, Substitute: General Hospital of Athens “The Annunciation”

2nd PHCO: Main: Atticon University General, Substitute: Elefsina General “Thriassio”

3rd and 4th HCO: Main: University of Thessaloniki AHEPA, Substitute: University of Alexandroupolis, University of Ptolemais “Bodosakeio”

5th PHCO: Main: University of Larissa, Substitute: General of Lamia

6th PHCO: Main: University GN Patras “Panagia Voitheia”,
Substitute: Univerity Hospital General Hospital Ioannina

7th PHCO: Main: General Hospital of Heraklion, Substitute: GN Chania “Agios Geórgios”

According to the Ministry of Health, all reference hospitals and crews of EKAB ambulances and Health Areas have adequate gloves, special masks, and suits.