These are the motorbikes holders of car drivers’ licenses can legally ride

A special course is compulsory for bikes up to 125cc

Holders of car drivers’ licenses will be able to ride motorcycles up to 125cc without a separate license, as the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has allowed a demi equivalence for driving licenses between cars and two-wheelers, under the provision the car owners pass a relevant motorcycle test or attend compulsory practical training courses.

Car owners will be permitted to legally ride Mopeds with engines up to 49cc, according to exclusive information of

In order for a car driver to be allowed to ride a moped, they must be at least 27 years old and have held a drivers’ license for up to 6 years.

Apart from these provisions, for those wanting to use a motorcycle of up to 125cc, attending a 3-course practical training session is compulsory.

However, it is not yet clear whether the holders of driving licenses that meet the requirements set by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport will undergo practical driving tests or to obtain the A1 driving license will only need the mandatory practical training courses. It is very likely that the practical training courses will be enough to obtain the specific motorcycle license without participating in practical driving tests.

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