Thesprotia’s beaches: Swim in the Ionian Sea’s crystal clear waters (PHOTOS)

Endless sandy beaches, picturesque coves and little harbours waiting to be discovered!

Although the largest part of Thesprotia is mountainous, there is a 60-km coastline with marvellous beaches, stretching from Sagiada in the North to Parga in the South. The turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea wash the entire western coast, creating endless sandy beaches, picturesque coves and little harbours waiting to be discovered!

Let’s get acquainted with Thesprotia where you can find the right beach for you; pebble, rocky or sandy. There are beaches offering facilities such as sunbeds, changing cabins, showers, bars, and restaurants. On the other hand you can discover untouched peaceful paradises. Whichever beach you choose, one thing’s for sure: you will enjoy swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea.

Sagiada’s beaches

Strovili Beach is located 4km from Sagiada. It is a quiet place in a small gulf with deep blue waters, white pebbles and sand. The beach is set against lush green hills that offer a breathtaking view.

Keramidi Beach is 3km away from Sagiada. It is a small, serene beach with white shingles and lovely light blue waters. The blue sea and the green landscape create a magical scene. You will find restaurants, cafes and bars.

Igoumenitsa’s beaches

Drepano Beach is located 5km from Igoumenitsa town. This beach stretches over 7km along Drepano peninsula with white fine sand, shallow clear waters and eucalyptus bushes that grow along the side. It also has camping grounds, tavernas, cafes and water sports facilities.

Plataria’s and Syvota’s beaches

Kokkinos Vrachos Beach is located 2.5 km from Plataria. It is a small tranquil beach, with white pebbles and bright blue waters.

Kalami Beach is located 4 km from Plataria. It is a small beach with white shingles, lovely waters and lots of green reaching up to the shore. You will find a taverna and a camping space.

Naftilos Beach is located 2 km away from Plataria. It is a white pebbly beach with clear blue waters. You can camp next to the beach or rent a room and enjoy your food at a nearby taverna.

Mega Ammos Beach is located 1.5 km from Syvota village. You will find the sheltered beach with white pebbles and turquoise waters simply amazing. You will see a beautiful picture where the blue hues of the waters blend wonderfully with the green shades of the land. It is a beach for water sports fans, offering also other facilities; there is a taverna and a nearby cafe.

Bakola Beach is right next to Mega Ammos beach but it’s a smaller one. The two beaches are alike. There is an olive grove reaching almost up to the sand.

Pisina Beach is located on Mavronomos islet which belongs to the Syvota island group, accessible by boat only. It’s an isolated beach with white sand and pebbles, deep blue waters and lush greenery as far as the eye can see.

Bella Vraka Beach is on Mourtemeno islet which also belongs to the Syvota island group. The turquoise waters are very shallow on this white sandy pristine beach. Carry along with you some food and water as there are no cafes and tavernas in the area.

Zavia Beach is located 700 m from Syvota village. It is a small, sheltered beach with white pebbles and crystal clear waters. Next to the beach there is a small olive grove.

Zeri Beach is located NW of Syvota village. This sheltered beach is a short strip of fine sand, with shallow light blue waters. You can find a taverna and a café.

Gallikos Molos Beach is located in Syvota village. You will see white shingles and sand, amazing blue waters and a lush greenery reaching up to the shore. There are camping grounds, tavernas, cafes and rooms for rent.

Perdika’s beaches

Agia Paraskevi Beach is located 9 km from Perdika village. It is a scenic and tranquil beach with coarse sand and pebbles and deep refreshing waters. This picture-perfect place includes olive groves and Agia Paraskevi islet, opposite the beach, which you can reach by swimming. There’s a café and a bar.

Arillas Beach is situated 5.6 km from Perdika village. It is a long beach with dark coloured fine sand and very shallow waters, facing a wonderful green landscape. There is a small harbour where liners connect the mainland with Corfu and Paxoi Islands. You will find tavernas and rooms for rent.

Karavostasi Beach is located 7 km from Perdika village. It is a popular beach with a long stretch of coarse white sand and deep blue waters. The green hills on the right and left side of the beach create a fascinating picture. It has rooms for rent, hotels and tavernas.

Stavrolimenas Beach is in between Karavostasi and Arilla beaches. It is a small picturesque pristine beach. It has crystal clear light blue waters, white shingles and is close to an olive grove creating a wonderful picture of green and blue.

Prapa Mali Beach is the southernmost beach of Perdika, located near Dimokastro. It’s a fine sandy beach with shallow waters and the ideal destination if you are looking for some peace and quiet.

Sofas Beach is 5 km away from Perdika. This is an isolated beach with crystal clear waters, coarse sand and pebbles. There is an olive grove right next to it. You will find a taverna and a camping space.

Mega Drafi Beach is located 10 km from Perdika. It is a small serene beach divided by a rocky hill with inviting waters, white shingles and sand. The beach faces green hillocks and it’s the ideal place to relax.

If you choose to spend your holidays near the coast of Thesprotia, don’t miss diving, sailing and trips to Paxoi Islands – you’ll be accompanied by dolphins on your way there – as well as to Parga and nearby villages. Rent an inflatable boat and plan a two day trip to the turquoise beaches of Epirus. Go scuba diving and enjoy the amazing underwater life of the Ionian Sea shores.

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