This exotic beach in Euboea is like paradise (video)

It is only 2.5 hours from Athens

Whenever someone explores Euboea, the surprises they are met with its many hidden secrets are truly astonishing. Combining the mountain with the sea in unique harmony, the island always offers the visitor the opportunity to come across some kind of new hidden gem. One of them is the beach of Steno Linari, an exotic natural pool that leaves you speechless with its sheer beauty.

Located a mere 2.5 hours drive from Athens, the small beach captivates you with its incredible turquoise waters. In fact, the rocks create a small bay that makes the beach look like an exotic natural pool. The beach is an ideal choice if you love secluded and private areas, as well as an exotic feel.

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You do not need to take an umbrella for shade as the trees cover you from the heat of the sun. Beautiful things are not free, meaning access is not easy, with the ideal way to reach this secret paradise being by boat.

If you want to approach it by land, you will first arrive at the villages of Pili and Vlachia in the northeastern part of Euboea before signs will guide you to the beach. From there you will have to go on foot.

video courtesy of Haanity YouTube Channel