This is luck! Watch as biker nearly gets impaled on iron fence! (video)

His legs slid perfectly into the fence

If you’ve ever asked how lucky a person can be, there is now a definitive answer.
BMX rider Anthony Napolitan posted a video to Instagram on Friday where he attempts a front flip over a fence out of a skate park bowl. With a camera on each side of the fence — the post says he was shooting a video — he misses the front flip.
Instead of crashing into the fence, his legs slid perfectly into the fence. He lodged himself between the bars of the fence while still holding the bike. Somehow, he wasn’t impaled. His undercarriage wasn’t subjected to unspeakable horrors. He just kind of landed with his body inside the fence.
The video defies words. “I really don’t know how to describe this except for the fact that I’m really lucky,” Napolitan wrote on Instagram. At the time of publication, Napolitan had not responded to a request for comment.