This is the 19-year-old Greek model arrested on drug trafficking charges (photos-video)

She could face up to life in prison

The father of the 19-year-old Greek model arrested in at the Hong Kong International Airport for drug trafficking spoke exclusively to about the news of his daughter’s arrest. The girl has been identified as Irene Melissaropoulou.
“We are in the dark. I have not yet spoken to my child. We learned the news from the Internet. This afternoon we made some contacts with the consulate and we are waiting for answers”, the father said. The 19-year-old model was arrested at Hong Kong airport with 2.6 kilos of cocaine worth about $307,000 and is currently facing the prospect of life in prison.

The father, who is a police officer, is in a state of shock after the news. “In the last two months, they were moving between Athens and Kalamata as they were looking for the right private school to register”, he told “We really did not know anything. I have contacted some people via the police, but I have not been able to speak with my child yet”, he said.
According to the official announcement of the Hong Kong Customs Service, drug trafficking is a “serious offence” punishable “with a fine of up to $5 million Hong Kong ($640,000 US) and a life sentence.”

The official announcement said that the 19-year-old arrived in Hong Kong on a flight from Ethiopia and was caught with drugs stashed in her rucksack. The 19-year-old was expected to appear in court on Wednesday.
The mode’s defence lawyer, Sakis Kechagioglou said she was a victim of circumstances, speaking to “Thema 104.6” radio station. He added that the situation was particularly difficult.

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