Thousands of believers gather at St. Paisios resting place (video)

Pilgrims gather to honour him

Thousands of pilgrims from all around the world are converging on the site where Saint Paisios was laid to rest to pay homage and receive the grace of the Mount Athos monk, whose reputation has surpassed the Greek borders. The Saint of the Greek Orthodox Church was canonised in 2014, and many of his speeches and words have been recorded in dozens of books and audio clips posted online. The shelter where the Elder rested on July 12, 1994, has been overwhelmed by people as, a vigil has been scheduled for July 12, starting at 8pm. Many Greek Metropolitans will be in attendance performing a joint liturgy. The tomb of the Saint is located at the Sanctuary of Saint John the Theologian in Souroti, Thessaloniki.

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