Three killed at Naval Air Station by Saudi Arabian officer on training with US military

Just a few days after the deadly Pearl Harbor rampage

The attacker who killed three and injured four people at the Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida was a Saudi officer who was in the US for training, officials confirm.

Citing five US officials and a person familiar with the investigation, CNN reported that the attacker was “a member of the Saudi Arabian military” who was undergoing training at the facility. His name has not been released, however.

Reuters, AP, and the New York Times have also reported the Saudi identity of the attacker, who was killed in a shootout with Escambia County Sheriff’s deputies on Friday morning. The Pentagon has not officially confirmed the information.

Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-Florida), who represents the district where the base is located, said in a video message on Friday that the training the US military provides to allies is helpful, but that “this event demonstrates a serious failure in the vetting process.”

Gaetz said he would push for “extreme vetting for people who come to our country and train on our bases.

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