Tips on how to experience Greece on the cheap

So you want to go to Greece… do yourself a favor and cut costs!

When to go

May and September are ideal times to visit Greece as tourists can enjoy the weather while also cutting down costs dramatically. Another advantage is that Greece is less crowded during these months.

Free museums

Free museum days can help save money, but be prepared for crowds on these days. Bear in mind that the full moon in August is also accompanied by events and free admission to museums and archeological sites. Take advantage of combo tickets. Some museums also offer free events and talks, so check out their sites before visiting. Get a local to take you on a tour for free with the Meet the Locals program.


Don’t visit private “Athens Riviera” beaches before 6 p.m. as there is free entry until late just before the sun sets.


Get a Greek friend to help you translate and check out sites that offer cheaper rates on restaurants, theater events and other entertainment, such as Groupon, Deal My Day etc.

Car rentals

Rent your car before your arrival because rentals in Greece are in euros, causing non-EU residents to pay a premium both on the rate and on the dollar conversion. For best rates, choose manual cars rather than automatic. Before deciding to drive bear in mind that there is a great deal of traffic in the Athens center and mountainous terrain.