Too many reporters are using the White House coronavirus briefings for their own interests – Analysis

The Wall Street Journal editorial board wrote Wednesday that the president should cut the amount of time that the briefings run each day

If there were ever a reason to cut the daily White House coronavirus press briefings off entirely, it’s Playboy correspondent Brian Karem.

Maybe not Karem exclusively, but he is emblematic of the self-anointing he and so many other Washington reporters believe in (especially TV ones).

Karem, who once challenged someone to a physical fight while in the Rose Garden, has apparently had the misfortune of being unable to secure a pass that would allow him access to the briefing room, which has had its capacity necessarily reduced for obvious reasons.

“I provide a distinctive voice to the proceedings”, Karem moaned to the Washington Post on Wednesday. “The president has engaged me in the past and knows I won’t back down. We need that in addition to other voices in the briefings”.

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We need Brian Karem, says Brian Karem!

In other words, Karem believes his responsibility right now isn’t so much in asking questions relevant to the pandemic, but it’s to provide a particular “voice.”

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