Top 50 bikinis of all time (photos)

Raquel Welch still top

Classic beauties Raquel Welch, Ursula Andress and Marilyn Monroe have triumphed over 21st century models like Kate Upton and Kelly Brook in a poll of the 50 hottest ever bikini babes, according to a new study.
Although it’s 50 years since she donned a fur bikini in One Million Years BC, Raquel Welch was voted the number one bikini body of all time.
And Ursula Andress, whose white bikini became iconic after she wore it in the first James Bond film Dr No, took the second spot. Here is the complete list of the top 50 hall of fame bikinis ever revealed:


THE 25 MOST MEMORABLE SWIMSUIT MOMENTS - Raquel Welch, pictured, in her fur thing in One Million Years BC

Kelly Brook Clothing and accessories collection - for Financial Mail on Sunday Images Via Neil Craven reporter via Tulchan Communications LLP






Shooting Of The Film 'Viva Maria' By Louis Malle In Mexico: Rendezvous With Brigitte Bardot. Jour de repos pour Brigitte BARDOT au Mexique pour le tournage du film 'VIVA MARIA' de Louis Malle : l'actrice en bikini, debout dans sa maison au coeur même de Cuernavaca, à 500 m du Zocalo - la place centrale, utilisant un appareil photo Pentax . Février 1965. (Photo by Gerard Gery/Paris Match via Getty Images)