Traffic diversions and road closures for New Year’s Day

A number of celebrations to taken place on January 1

A series of traffic diversions and road closures will be implemented due to New Year’s Day celebrations in Athens on January 1.

For the liturgy at the Athens Metropolitan, traffic will be closed along the whole of:

-Mitropoloeos street, as well as the intersecting roads until the first parallel of Mitropoleos. while parking will not be allowed on the road. and parking along the following roads will be closed
– Aeolou street, in the section between Andrianos and Ermou streets.
– Ermou, in its section from Aeolou Street to Asomatos square.

For the event at the Presidential Palace:

-Irodotou and Vasileos Georgiou B’ will be closed.

For the passing of a military parade to Lycabettus and its return:

Vehicles will be prohibited from stopping and parking on the Anonymous Road, which leads from the Lycabettus District on the Lycabettus Hill, for the period from 12:00 to 31/12/2017 until 18:00 01/01/2018.