Tragedy in Mati: Criminal prosecution for 20 people

A total of 100 people lost their lives

Τhe Greek prosecuting authorities investigating last summer’s lethal fire at Mati that cost the life of 100 people, is prosecuting a total of 20 people.

The prosecuting authorities, following a long pre-trial examination, filed charges for:
– Arson by negligence,
– Repeated homicide by negligence
– Repeated body harm by negligence

For the above offenses, the sentences could be up to five years. However, under exceptional circumstances, they could reach up to ten years.

The accused are the 65-year-old responsible for the start of the fire in Daou Pentelis, Mayor of Marathon Elias Psinakis, Mayor of Rafina Evangelos Bournos, former Secretary General of Civil Protection Ioannis Kapakis, but also against high ranking personnel of the General Secretariat of Civil Protection, Greek Police, the Fire Brigade as well as against the Regional Director of Attica Rena Dourou.