“Traitors, your end is coming”: The government facing the people’s rage (VIDEOS)

The Greeks are refusing to let it go…

The presence of the Minister of Shipping Panagiotis Kourouplis at the celebrations for the 105th anniversary of the liberation of the city of Serres in Northern Greece, caused the rage of the people as the reactions for the agreement between Greece and FYROM are still raging on.

The incidents started when Panagiotis Kourouplis laid a wreath at the monument of the city’s central square. The people were yelling “traitors”, “resign” etc.

Similar was the reception of the people to the local member of SYRIZA Aphrodite Stamboulis.

The reactions of the crowd only grew stronger as Panagiotis Kourouplis headed to the platform set for the parade that would follow.

“Traitors, traitor, the end is coming, Kouroublis” they cried to the Minister of Shipping, who tried to keep his temper and go on his way.

The police eventually kept them at a distance from the officials.