Transgender accuses NBA star Dwight Howard of threatening his life (videos)

The transgender also said she was sexually abused

A cisgender man—who many believed to be a transgender woman—has come forward to accuse NBA star Dwight Howard of sexual harassment and threatening his life.
On Saturday (Nov. 24) Twitter user Masin Elije took to the social platform and went into detail about their alleged relationship and the events leading up to the present day accusation.

Elije said he met Howard on the set of Wild ‘N Out. “We made eye contact and a week later he was in my DMs,” and soon after the two began exchanging intimate photos.

Elije then posted a direct message between him and the Washington Wizard center in which he asks if his friends and family know of his dealing with transgender women and men, to which the 32-year-old allegedly side-stepped the question.

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