Travel & Leisure: Oia in top 6 villages in Europe

Santorini’s Oia offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves in culture and architecture

The village of Oia in Santorini received yet another of the many accolades it has won over the years, as leading travel magazine Travel & Leisure (T+L) included it in its top 6 list of the most charming villages in Europe.
The magazine urges its readers to visit the village and experience peaceful country walks, take in the beautiful architecture and the chance to immerse themselves in all the culture and history. Other villages making the exclusive list were Bibury in England, Eze in Cote d’Azur, France, Cong in County Mayo, Ireland, Baden- Baden, Montepulciano, and Tuscany in Italy.
“Oia is arguably the most charming village on the beautiful Greek island of Santorini. This oft-photographed cliffside town is best known as a sunset-viewing spot, but it’s fantastic any time of day thanks to its abundance of quintessential whitewashed structures topped with blue domes plus its fabulous views out onto the Aegean Sea. There’s not much to do here beyond eating, drinking, and gawking at local scenery, but it has some of the island’s best boutique hotels, many of which are tucked right into the cliffside,” T+L points out.