TripAdvisor: Mystras among top 8 less known UNESCO world Heritage sites

Peloponnese an area of many empires

Millions of Tripadvisor users have voted the Mystras among the top 8 less known UNECO protected sites. In an effort to safeguard and preserve unique cultural and natural sites of great value from around the globe, UNESCO has granted them the title of protected. UNESCO’s list of protected sites includes some famous sites like the Grand Canyon or the Acropolis. But besides these more widely know ones there are also other less know archaeological and natural sites that also carry the label. One of them voted by the reviewers of TripAdvisor is the fortified medieval town of Mystras found the Peloponnese. Relatively unknown to many people, the Peloponnese boasts many ancient empires with remnants of the glory days of the past scattered around. Arguably the most impressive of these is the Mystras, which a large Byzantine town that has been virtually preserved intact. In its heydays the town had about 20,000 residents. The full list of the 8 sites:
1. Quebrada de Humahuaca, Argentina


2. Fraser Island, Australia


3. Gros Morne National Park, Canada


4. Leshan Giant Buddha, China


5. National Park Morne Trois Pitons, Dominica


6. Mystras, Greece


7. National Park Kaziranga, India


8. Dolomites, Italy