Trump at UN: The future belongs to patriots not globalists

The US President attacked China as being the recipient of preferential treatment in trade deals

US president Donlad Trump unleashed a fresh attack against the global order, saying that “globalists” would not triumph. He told other world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly that wise leaders put the future of their own people and country first.

“The future does not belong to globalists. The future belongs to patriots,” Trump said. Trump is attending three days of meetings and speeches at the United Nations. He is touting the low unemployment rate in the United States and says that in everything the United States does “we are focused on empowering the dreams and aspirations of our citizens.”

“The future belongs to sovereign and independent nations who protect their citizens, respect their neighbors and honor the differences that make each country special and unique,” he said.

Trump upped the attack against China on Tuesday at the United Nations General Assembly and slammed the World Trade Organization for allowing China to get preferential treatment despite the size of its economy. Trump said that the institution is in need of major reform and that the US will demand those changes.

“US lost 60,000 factories after China entered the World Trade Organisation. This is happening to other countries all over the globe. WTO needs drastic change. The second-largest economy in the world shouldn’t be allowed to declare itself a developing country in order to game the system at others’ expense,” he said.