Trump on Oscars night mixup: They were too focused on politics (video)

President says that caused the blunder

The entertainment industry and Hollywood were outspoken critics of Donald Trump and staunch supporters of Hillary Clinton. It was therefore no surprise that the night of the Oscars was the perfect platform for the TV stars and celebrities to lash out against the new President of the United States. But Donald Trump has proven he is not one to take it sitting down. Speaking to Breitbart news remarked that the huge gaffe during the presentation of the best picture award was caused because the organisers were too busy with politics rather than focusing on their jobs. “They were so focused on politics that they had lost control of things by the end of the night”, he told the alt-right news site. “It was sad. It took away fro the glamour of the night”, added. The host of the night Jimmy Kimmel, as well as actors made constant remarks against Donald Trump and his immigration policy throughout the night.

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