Trump stands down on Mexico tariffs after securing immigration deal

Mexico and the US will continue discussion for other possible steps in 90 days if needed


President Trump backed away from his plan to slap a 5 percent tariff on Mexican goods late Friday night after the nation agreed to enforce a tougher stance on immigration and purchase more agricultural goods from the U.S.

“Mexico has agreed to immediately begin buying large quantities of agricultural product from our great patriot farmers”, Trump wrote in a tweet Saturday morning.

Trump’s announcement last week that he would impose a sliding scale of tariffs – starting at 5 percent, with the potential to go up to 25 percent – on Mexico unless they did more to curtail migration at the southern border was met with fierce criticism and pushback from lawmakers, including Republican senators who have said they’re almost uniformly opposed to the plan.

But on Friday, the president said the U.S. and Mexico reached an agreement to indefinitely suspend the tariffs after Mexico said it would “stem the tide of Migration through Mexico, and to our Southern Border.”

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