Tsipras: “Get half a pension to vote for me”

The cost of the measures from May is 260 million

The Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras presented the relief package for 2019, as he called did in Zappeion in light of the upcoming European elections as well as the National elections next October.

The measures include reducing VAT rates mainly on, food and energy, as well as 13th pension. As stated by Labor Minister Efi Achtsioglu, this “pension” will be paid “at this time”. In other words, it is announced just 19 days before the European elections with the government sending the message “Get a pension and vote for us”.

The other measures presented by the Prime Minister will be legislated later, as he said, however, they will be implemented after the next National elections by the next government.

The main measures for 2019 are:

– Reduction of the VAT to 13% from 24%

– Transfers of food to the rate of 13% from 24%

– Reduces the VAT on energy (electricity etc.) from 13% to 6%

The cost of the measures from May is 260 million.

Also, a permanent 13th pension, totaling € 800 million: For pensions up to 500 euros this will amount to 100% of the pension. For pensions from 501-600 euros, to 70%, from 601-1000 euros to 50% for pensions over € 1000 it will cover 30% of the pension.