Tsipras is even afraid of having a conversation with us, says ND’s leader

He accused SYRIZA’s leader of avoiding dialogue

New Democracy leader Evangelos Meimarakis  addressed to executives of his party and said that he is even willing to apologize to Alexis Tsipras for calling him a liar, if this is viewed as an excuse to deny the cooperation between the two parties following the elections.

Mr. Meimarakis accused SYRIZA’s leader of avoiding dialogue and communication.

“Ok, he doesn’t want to form a coalition government with our party, but he doesn’t even want to sit down and discuss with us? He doesn’t want to meet us? What kind of democratic view is that? How does he see Democracy? That we won’t discuss about problems?” ND’s leader said adding “Why did he say “I won’t cooperate with the man who called me a liar… Really? Then, we apologize. In order to solve the problems of the country, we apologize. If this is the reason, then we say that we shouldn’t have said that. There are a lot of excuses to deny a cooperation with us”.

Mr. Meirakis continued by saying that “It is not possible to adopt slogans and attitudes that will split Greeks” and stressed that “we want to bring together all powers” mentioning they wanted to send away the “left-wing melancholy” Mr. Tsipras said they have.

“ In September 21st we send away left-wing melancholy. We bring back creativity. We bring back the optimism and happiness to Greek society” he added.