Tsipras re-elected SYRIZA president with 93.54%

Tsipras called on Greece’s creditors for an immediate debt restructuring

PM Alexis Tsipras was re-elected president of the SYRIZA party during the second convention that ended Sunday. Tsipras received 2,548 votes (93.54%) of the votes of the total 2,926 delegates that voted. There were 176 blank ballots and 34 spoilt votes found after the count. Tsipras tweeted on his twitter feed: “The renewal of trust in me, is a renewal of responsibility for a more collective, effective and larger SYRIZA in the wake of the difficult battle that lie ahead for a Greece of justice and decency”. The results of the party’s central committee, comprising 151 members, are expected to be announced late on Sunday night. Speaking his party’s delegates on Saturday, the Greek PM reiterated the Greek government’s request for an immediate debt restructuring, while he alleged a media-backed coup was under unfolding to topple his government, but was adamants that the new laws regarding the TV licenses would be imposed. During Saturday’s speech Tsipras predicted that by the end of the year the Greek economy would start to show signs of growth. Tsipras claimed that Greece had honoured its part of the bargain with its creditors, and it was time the lenders uphold their side by offering immediate dent relief. “They wonder, in a well-intentioned manner, maybe we have placed the bar too high, asking us to wait for the German elections. Our hastiness has nothing to do with the ‘domestic cuisine’, but because time is a crucial matter”, Tsipras said.   

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