Tsipras: SYRIZA will adopt constructive and aggressive opposition

The leader of SYRIZA said the Novartis case was a scandal of international proportions not a conspiracy

“SYRIZA is aiming to exercise a constructive and aggressive opposition, and you will not hear from lies and disaster mongering,” Alexis Tsipras said in response to a question about the style of opposition that his party will adopt during his press conference at the 84th TIF in Thessaloniki, Sunday.

Mr. Tsipras insisted that the policies announced by the current government would not lead in economic growth.

On the matter of the Novartis case and its implications, the head of SYRIZA said it was an international scandal with concrete connections to  Greece. “There is a prosecutor’s finding, not a conspiracy. There is also an FBI investigation. Let’s also talk about the internal documents of the company that made reference to inside information by the governments then.”

“Once again, I challenge Mr. Mitsotakis to hold an official hearing committee, preliminary trial, special courts, whatever suits him to let the Greek public learn about the scandal and the plot.”

Concerning the Thessaloniki Metro and whether he would reveal names of the “national subcontractor”, he noted that the company that ran the whole project had been accused as such by the previous governments. “He was also involved in the media, with a newspaper that even friendly to SYRIZA,” he added.

It is one of the most modern in the whole of Europe, he added and noted that thanks to the collaboration the project ran at a rapid pace.