Tsipras: Thessaloniki must regain its historical identity (video)

PM speaks during official opening of his new office in city

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras underlined that the purpose of opening a new Prime-ministerial office in Thessaloniki was to help the city regain its “historical identity as a multicultural hive of activity”. During his speech at the official opening of the office, Tsipras promised to visit regularly on a fortnightly basis in an attempt to focus on the work needed to revive economic growth in the city. “We must seek solutions to the problems of Thrace. In this case we are not sitting afar, but closely. The institutional capacity of the Prime Minister can act as a bulwark, but in this case it could serve in a positive way, with collective efforts and the acceptance of the local community. We need a functional office, a working office”, he stressed. “I usually come here on festivals and celebrations. Now we are here to do work. We will be concerned with the city’s growth. I will have a frequent presence here, every 15 days with cabinet meetings. My office will be here, always open. Thessaloniki must regain its its old historical identity”, the PM said.