Turkey should invade Cyprus and take Larnaca: Pro-Erdogan preacher

The extremist preacher said the Turkish army should take the city where the companion of Mohammad is buried

Sweden-based Turkish journalist Abdullah Bozkurt, director of the independent Nordic Monitor network, and staunch anti-Erdogan reporter posted on his personal Twitter account a tweet by Islamist preacher Ihsan Senocak, exposing his as one of Erdogan’s Islamist jihadi leaders pushing Turkey’s aggressive foreign policy agenda.

The Turkish preacher, sharing a photo with Turkish sailors forming the term “Mavi Vatan-Blue Homeland”, remembered the female companion of Mohammad, Umm Haram, whose tomb is in Larnaca, urging the Turkish President to invade Cyprus and “Liberate” the Tekke of Hala Sultan.

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“Turkey should occupy Larnaca in the southern part of Cyprus, where Muhammad’s companion Umm Haram is buried,” wrote the Islamist preacher Ihsan Senozak. Through his social media posts, newspaper articles, and television appearances, he promotes the aggressive foreign policy and military agenda of the Erdogan government.