Turkey threatens to invade Cyprus (video)

Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu said Turkey would defend its interests

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu threatened in no uncertain terms to invade the Republic of Cyprus in an interview on Turkish TV.
Speaking to state broadcaster TRT and commenting on his country’s moves in the energy field in the Eastern Mediterranean, the top Turkish diplomat said: “It does not matter what the Greek Cypriots do for us. They can’t take the slightest step in the Eastern Mediterranean. If they dare, they will receive the appropriate response just like in the past”.
Cavusoglu claimed Turkey was acting within the rules of international law to protect its interests.
“Only Turkey decides what to do on its continental shelf. It is Turkey’s duty, as a guarantor, to protect the rights of the ‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’ and the Turkish Cypriot people”, he said.
Only Turkey has recognised the so-called “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”, which is considered illegitimate by the international community and all the global institutions, including the UN.
Tensions between all players (Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel) in the Eastern Mediterranean have heightened following the potential of the existence of large quantities of natural energy deposits in the region.