Turkey’s ghost-busters & the girl in the black dress! (video)

Villagers called in police to deal with ghost

The rest of Turkey might be getting ready for the crucial general elections, but locals in the village of Cepni are trying to contact the ghost of a girl haunting a cemetery.
It all started on April 26, when the apparition, dressed in a black dress and wearing red shows made its first appearance. The ghost was crying over a tomb. According to cemetery workers, the ghost girl is about 17-18 years old.

After failing to find out what the ghost wanted, as the cemetery workers received no response to a note they had left for the ghost, they called in the police!

Police have continued to look into the matter, but with no success. Meanwhile, locals have been organising ghost hunts every Wednesday evenings.

People gather every night, popcorn in hand and wait for the ghost to show up! Some claim they have caught the ghost on video, but the footage is not that convincing…