Turkish Army’s not-so-scary propaganda exercise revealed! (PHOTOS)

In another incident, two Turkish soldiers drowned in their armoured vehicle at the Turkish-Syrian borders

The recent river crossing exercise that the Turkish Army conducted at Eastern Thrace and was made public by its propaganda mechanisms, has been revealed that it was not exactly what was presented to be.

In particular, as Armyvoice.gr revealed, the exercise took place not at the Greek-Turkish borders at Evros river but further to the East near the borders with Bulgaria at the shores of a lake.

But most importantly, the exercise that was meant to be a propaganda opportunity for Turkey just hours after the incident at Imia, was apparently…a bit of a fiasco!

One of the Leopard 1 tanks that was supposed to cross to the other side, got stuck at the bottom of the lake and if it wasn’t for the help that arrived fast, the crew would have drowned.



And it gets worse, as a similar but this time fatal incident took place at the borders with Syria at Sanlıurfa’s Akcakale, when an ACV-15 Armoured Personnel Carrier was trapped at a flooded river were two soldiers lost their lives.

Şanlıurfa's Akçakale