Turkish President Erdogan: Get ready for World War 3!

Turkish President says US bases in Syria could lead to all-out military conflict

The 20 military bases that the US was building in Syria could spark the outbreak of World War 3, warned Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Mr Erdogan made the ominous warning during a speech at a health event in the country’s capital Ankara.

The Turkish president wondered why the US was constructing the bases in Syria and urged the Turkish citizens to be prepared for everything. As he pointed out, he also raised the question to Rex Tillerson but did not receive an answer.

As he said, “The US is building twenty bases in Syria,” which may be the cause for the outbreak of World War III.

Erdogan continued by saying that the region has military forces from Turkey, Russia and Iran and that these bases could spark an all-out conflict.

“Let’s get ready for the 3rd World War. We must be ready for all the possibilities”, the Turkish president said, before a stunned audience.