Turkish Presidential candidate tours in Thrace with no reaction from Athens

Earlier, he will make a short stop at the Turkish Consulate in Komotini

A “private visit” to Komotini is held today by the Turkish candidate for the main opposition (CHP) Muharram Inge.

Erdogan’s opponent was earlier today at the Greek-Turkish borders, with its final destination being the Greek city of Komotini. According to xronos.gr, during the passport-check at the Customs Office, Mr. Inge met Turkish fans of his who happened to be at the border and took photos with him.


The candidate for the Presidency in Turkey is accompanied by Turkish journalists covering his presence in Thrace and will travel to Komotini accompanied by the police.


Muharram Inge, a candidate of the Kemalists, the party that claims a few…dozens of Greek islands will speak in front of the building of the so-called “Turkish Youth”.


Earlier, he will make a short stop at the Turkish Consulate in Komotini.


According to the informal published program, Mr. Inge will meet with Greek Muslim citizens and after that, he will be visiting the grave of Ahmet Sadyk. He will then depart for Kirjali (Southern Bulgaria) where he will carry out pre-election concentration.