Turkish tourism collapses under the pressure of the coronavirus impact

Turkey saw a 50% drop in visitors

The Turkish economy has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic as one of its major pillars, tourism has felt the effects of the global travel shutdown.

The extent of the collapse of Turkish tourism can be clearly observed by looking at the comparative data published by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

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Overall, Turkey had 4.26 million foreign visitors in the four-month period compared to 8.7 million in the corresponding period of 2019. In terms of key markets for January-April, arrivals fell by 55.4% from Russia (317,088), by 55.6% from Germany (356,696), by 64.5% from Britain (118,579), by 64.6% from the Netherlands (78,715), by 48.5% from France (93,486) and by 58.8% from Greece (101,129).

In April, the arrivals of foreign tourists decreased by 99.3% compared to the same month last year. In detail, arrivals were limited to 24,238 from 3,293,176 in April 2019.