Two elderly Germans go to heavy metal festival after “escaping” nursing home!

The two were eventually found

Have you ever seen a music lineup that looked so good that you would stop at absolutely nothing to attend it? Well, that appears to be the case in Germany, where two elderly men were found at a metal festival after having escaped their nursing home.

On Thursday afternoon, the 29th annual Wacken Open Air festival kicked off in the German town of Wacken.

While each year attracts some of the biggest names in hard rock and metal, this year’s festival featured a huge lineup that included the likes of Danzig, Cannibal Corpse, Judas Priest, Children Of Bodom, and for some reason, the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But this year’s festival also featured a couple of on-the-run metalheads who were clearly enticed by a stunning bill of bands.

As Duetsche Welle reports, two elderly German men were reported missing from their nursing home on Friday, only to be found at 3am at the Wacken Open Air festival.

While it’s not known which bands the two men were keen on checking out, it appears that they weren’t too happy about being forced to leave the festival grounds, and had to be escorted out with the help of a taxi and police patrol car.

Incidentally, this news comes just a couple of months after police began to use facial recognition software to start tracking down fugitives at concerts.

Back in May, it was revealed that Chinese police had managed to take at least three suspects into custody after utilising the technology at concerts for Chinese pop star Jacky Cheung.

While there’s no news yet as to how these elderly metalheads were tracked down (though we’re doubting it was facial recognition software), it just goes to show that if you’re on the run from anyone, it’s starting to look as though music festivals and concerts will no longer allow you to blend in with the crowd.