Two major bike lanes to be constructed in Athens

The Environment Minister announced incentives would be given for those using electric vehicles

Environment and Energy Minister Kostis Hatzidakis said the government had decided to speed up work for the creation of two major bicycle lanes in the Athens wider area.

Speaking from Kotzia Square in Athens before the start of the “Great Walk” bike ride organised by the Athens Municipality on occasion of the 2020 World Bicycle Day, Mr. Hatzidakis revealed the government’s intention for the promotion of electric propulsion, by the provision of additional incentives for the acquisition of electric bicycles.

The Minister said the government decided: “to complete the cycling routes, from Faliro to Kifissia, and in particular the Gazi-Kifissia section, with a budget of 7 million euros. At the same time, another bicycle lane will be constructed, a project worth 3 million euros, starting from the Katehaki metro station and which, through the Polytechnic and the University Campus, will end at the metro station in Evangelismos “.

According to Mr. Hatzidakis, the Prime Minister himself would be announcing on Friday the policies for electrification.” As he said, “this policy includes an ecological bonus for those who buy electric vehicles, which will be much stronger for those who buy electric bikes.”

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