Two party revellers admitted to hospital after wild sex party! (photos-videos)

Playboy “Candyman” holds annual party

Revellers at a sex party hosted by a self-styled Aussie playboy were rushed to hospital after ‘suffering from the effects of drugs and alcohol’.
Seven ambulances were called to treat ‘drunk and drugged’ partygoers at the extravagant ‘orgy’ bash.
Candyman, also known as Travers Beynon, held his annual party at his Queensland home, the ‘Candyshop Mansion’, on Saturday night.
Paramedics responded to emergency calls seven times in less than three and a half hours at the “Seven Deadly Sins” themed event. Two females aged 23 and 19, and a 20-year-old male were treated and taken to the Gold Coast University Hospital for drugs and alcohol .
It is understood the 19-year-old female was located wandering outside the residence.
Paramedics also treated a 23-year-old woman who had been bitten by a white tail spider, but did not take her to hospital after she said she would seek medical attention by herself in the morning. As well as DJs, fireworks, and bikini-clad models, the party had a VIP room and an outdoor stage flanked by a large LED screen.
“It was a festival on steroids,” one partygoer said, according to ABC news .
A private medical company was contracted to assist partygoers however they needed support from the Queensland Ambulance Service several times throughout the night.

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