UEFA to probe Neymar’s comments against referees on social media

Neymar had said officials did not understand the VAR system

UEFA has appointed an “ethics and disciplinary Inspector” to look into comments that Brazilian-born football star Neymar made on his social media account targeting referees in the latest match between Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Manchester United. UEFA promised to publish information about the probe “in due course”.

“A disciplinary investigation has been initiated based on Article 31(3) of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations in connection with statements made by PSG player Neymar”, UEFA said.

Neymar earlier lashed out at the video assistant referee (VAR) system, saying that its operators “do not understand football”, going on to call their work “disgrace”. The offending Instagram post, which reportedly read “go f**k yourselves”, was later removed by the player.

source: sputniknews.com