UK: Gulf War veteran told to remove Union flag in back garden as it’s a…”nuisance”! (photo)

What’s next & where will the line be drawn?

A former Gulf War veteran who flew a Union flag in his own garden says he has been ordered to take it down – after a neighbour labelled it a ”NUISANCE”.

Patriotic Andrew Smith, 51, installed a flagpole in tribute to Great Britain after serving six years in the Royal Signals.

But following a complaint by one neighbour on his estate, he says he received a letter from a housing developer ordering him to take it down.

The father-of-two has so far complied with the notice but is now fighting back because he is “proud to be British”.

Andrew served in the British army between 1988 and 1994 and saw action during the Gulf War – a conflict waged by coalition forces in response to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait.

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